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Need Leads? Get Red-Hot Leads in 24 Hours or Less!


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Right out of the gate the company boasts a sign-up rate of 83% for people viewing the presentation video to completion. While I can not attest to that it could be legit as the program is completely free to join.

So what is the catch?

While the program is free to join, they do have upgrade options. Before I get to the upgrade option I have to mention that the free account is more than generous. You also don't get hit with OTO's (one time offers) when signing in to your account.

Before getting into all the benefits you get as a free member, let's first delve into what SoManyHits is...

Like the sales video explains, is first and foremost a URL tracking and shortening service, meaning you can shorten all your affiliate links and track how many clicks they receive. Unlike mostly all other tracking services (even the paid ones), there is no limit on the amount of campaigns you can create or clicks you may receive during a given month before shelling out more money to keep on tracking. This is true even for free members.

They also made it easy to track multiple advertising sources from the same campaign tracking URL by simply adding a keyword identifiable to you to the end of the tracking URL. When a shortened tracking URL is followed, the hit is recorded and displayed in your back-office, complete with a break-down of where the hits came from (keywords appended).

The service also promises to create a flood of traffic to any and all campaigns that will keep on doubling. While this may sound outrageous, it is actually very likely to happen because of their unique referral system. Well..., when I say unique, for those of you familiar with their sister site, it actually makes use of the exact same 2-up referral system where your first two referrals are passed up to your sponsor into what they call traffic lines. Every person who ends up in one of your traffic lines will first have to sponsor two people who will go to their sponsor, which means that particular traffic line keeps doubling.

If you are put off by the notion that you first have to refer two people that goes to your sponsor before the system can begin working for you, the good news is that sign-ups should not be hard to come by seeing that the program is free to join and their affiliate tools also helps a lot to achieving this requirement (more on that later).

Getting back to the traffic aspect, every time one of your tracking links are followed, visitors will first pass through an ad gateway, similar to services such as ad fly where they will first see an interstitial ad for a couple of seconds before being directed to the site being tracked. That ad will be a random campaign belonging to your sponsor, so when you take into account the way traffic lines keep doubling, it gives credence to the claim that your traffic will also keep doubling. It should be noted, when you create a new campaign, you can choose to promote the campaign through your traffic lines via an interstitial ad or (for pro members) a pop-under ad. Members may also choose not to promote certain campaigns.

While there is something to be said about the annoyance of pop-under and interstitial ads, bear in mind that their target market is Internet marketers. These are the same people signing up for programs through traffic exchanges, so I can very well see this traffic converting very well indeed.

Apart from the traffic, URL tracking and URL shortening, you also have the ability to export the contact details of everybody in your traffic lines into a CVS file to easily import to your auto-responder of choice. The great thing about this for the new member joining is that they will only end up in their sponsor's mailing list because of the way their referral system works. This is great as the last thing I want when signing up for a new opportunity is to end up in as many mailing lists as are dependent on the size of the member's down-line or up-line. For those who don't yet have an auto-responder account (what are you waiting for?), you still get to message your traffic lines through an internal messaging system complete with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor every 10 days. (Pro members can message their traffic lines every 60 hours)

The owners of realize the strength of an affiliate network and this is reflected in the tools they make available to members to promote their affiliate links. When they launched their sister site EasyCash4Ads, the IM world was abuzz with talk about their beautiful splash and capture pages. With SoManyHits they did it again with a total of 120 splash, capture and brain-teaser pages (which double as splash pages) and improved on the design by displaying an animation while the image is loading. These pages can also easily be shared as stunning image cards to your Twitter and Facebook followers with a click of a button.

Members have an abundance of emails and banners as well as some other nifty tools to promote their links, not to mention affiliate links also get promoted through their shortened tracking links which means they can actually lay claim to their product slogan of working smarter, not harder.

Getting to the upgraded features, analyzing your tracking stats really come into their own with much more detailed reports and real time charts. Platinum members also get to message their traffic lines every 60 hours as apposed to every 10 days, they have more options available to them when creating campaigns but where the pro membership really shines is in the income plan.

Platinum membership plans start at $27 for 60 days or $13.50 per month. (a quick Google search revealed most of the competition start at an average of $29/month with limited clicks). From there the options go up to $69 for 6 months ($11.50 per month), $121 for one year ($10, 08 per month) and $177 for 2 years ($7, 38 per month) As an upgraded member you will receive, $10, $20, $30 and $50 respectively every time the platinum membership is renewed. Free members will receive 40% of the commission amount while the other 60% will go to the first upgraded member in their up-line. This effectively means upgraded members will make an extra 60% commission from members who have already qualified out of their traffic lines.

Taking this up yet another notch, they also pay out performance bonuses where you could earn an additional 40% commission. Commissions are paid out twice a month and should you earn $350 during a pay period, they will add another $50 to your commission. Earn $700 and you will get an extra $100 on top of the $50 bonus you received. Earn $1000 and receive yet another $250 on top of what you already earned. From $1000 up, you will get a bonus of $400 for every $1000 you earn. Taking into consideration that upgraded members also receive 60% second tier commissions from free members who qualified out of their traffic lines, it effectively means you will earn 40% extra commission through your own efforts as well as from free members in your down-line.

From what I understand, the developers are already working on more features to be implemented that will be available to pro members. While the free plan will impress even the most critical user, members will be hard-pressed not to upgrade, especially taking the affordable upgrade options into account.

In summary, is a well-thought-out service offering a lot of value for the cash strapped marketer with a generous compensation plan and a promise to grow a traffic monster that will serve you well in time to come.


 - Unlimited campaigns with no restrictions
 - Great way to grow your mailing list
 - Very affordable to upgrade
 - Unique referral system
 - Generous compensation plan
 - A freebie hunter's dream


 - Interstitial and pop-under ads

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